Through AR we help you increase the power of human experiences.

Our All-In-One reality capture system gives you Realistic & Interactive 3D and AR experiences that feel as real as being there. AR is as much an interaction with the outside world than the virtual world. It helps connect us with the virtual world while being in our real world surroundings.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality overlays virtual visual elements onto our real environment. The combination of real and virtual worlds has proved to be integral to our future.

It is an enhanced version of technology which allows us to control, connect and interact with computer-generated images in our real world. With the gradual rise in the usage of smartphones, the eventual use of AR will keep increasing. AR can be experienced from our smartphones or headsets that we can wear, and so is already readily available to us.

Adloid - Leading augmented reality developer in India - Mapping face features using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next big tech innovation, after the internet and the smartphones.

AR offers customisable solutions, real-time interactions and accurate representations, that offer human experiences like never before. Augmented Reality is rapidly being used in the fields of Retail, Real Estate, Gaming, Automobiles and many more, and is predicted to be an integral part of our future.

Adloid - Furniture mapping using Augmented Reality

Brace yourself for
a new range of experiences

From brick & mortar to e-commerce and now 3D commerce, the technology has created a new purchase method every decade. This time it's 3D and we are ready to offer insanely great 3D and AR experiences to you.

We truly believe in digital, and want to help the digital leaders in achieving their vision. So for all the Digital leaders out there, brace yourselves as ADLOID is building the best digital technology for your brand.

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